So this is me and this is where I live, hidden
away in the hills-n-hollers of Tennessee.
The area is actually named "Dismal"
although the mailing address is Liberty, and
I find it particularly lovely and inspiring.
Fortunately, I have a strong sense of irony.  
Welcome to Dismal, y'all.
Please email me at:

You can also call me at (615) 536-5768. If you happen to
be in Middle Tennessee and want to stop by, please be
sure to get directions from a person, not a computer.
Your computer will get you lost, and we wouldn't want
My quilts are made here, in the loft of an old barn
that my partner and I have renovated over the years.
Its a wonderful, large space and I share it with the
musical interests of my partner and friends. If you
are visiting, bring and instrument and join the fun.
Or if you'd rather, bring a sewing machine or some
knitting and join MY fun!
Now for the challenge - what kind of quilt do you want? If you aren't
already 100% certain, here are some things to consider before you contact
me - what size? Sounds silly, but "the usual size" isn't helpful. What size is
the mattress? If its a wall hanging, how big is the wall?

Does the quilt need to match existing decor? If that's not an issue, what
kind of person or people is the quilt for? Any hobbies or endearing quirks?
How much "heavy use" is the quilt likely to take? does the recipient have a
dog? a wild reputation? Most of my quilts are made to be machine washable,
but specialty fabrics and embellishment can change that, so let me know!
Why Tennessee? I get asked that alot, so here goes: in 1993
I went to the Les/gay/bi march in Washington DC and
discovered the Radical Faeries, some of the most amazing,
colorful, friendly, passionate and all-out-weird people I've
ever met anywhere. After a few years of visiting, I
decided to move into the neighborhood of one of the
"home bases" of the RF community, Short Mountain
Sanctuary, in the heart of TN. I bought land, built a
house (not much more difficult than a quilt, but more
water-resistant) met my current partner, had a kid and
discovered unschooling. And here we all are.