Itsy Bitsy,
teeny weenie
I love to make tiny little quilts. Compared to some of the other kinds of quilt making I do, they
are pretty darned relaxing! They're also a good way to play with some traditional patterns that
just don't excite me very much when made large.
Here's a basic "puss in the corner" pattern, made with pieces as small as 1/2
inch, which makes the whole quilt 18" square. Its also a "scrap" or "charm"
quilt - that is, its made with a variety of fabrics, rather than a few. Minis were
the first place I felt comfortable playing with a multitude of fabrics,
something I now do pretty frequently in my larger works.

A tiny quilt needs tiny quilting! In this detail shot you can see the cats quilted
into each "open" block - remember, these are only 2" across!
Another simple, traditional pattern that's fun in miniature. This is a "nine
patch in a nine patch" variation, with pieces as small as 3/8 inch, which
results in a 19" quilt. Lots of fun. Its stitched in concentric circles which
draw the eye and give the quilt its name "Rethinking the Square".
This is what I call a "large miniature" - its technically crib or wall
hanging size - 36x45, but since the smallest squares are 1/4inch, I think
its safe to call it a mini! This one is quilted in lines that radiate out
from the off-center star and is called "Wish I May".
Okay, this isn't a traditional pattern at all, but it is a traditional kind of
miniature - its a smaller version of a wall hanging. This is 9x12 and the
original was 36x48.
An itsy bitsy star sampler, this is "Night Fall". Its very much
inspired by my home in the middle of nowhere and the
gloriously bright stars we get with no competition from
street lamps. 9x21"
This triangular quilt is 12" to a side. Most quilts patterns are based on the
90degree angle, but there are wonderful design possibilites available using 60
degree angles. I even have triangle graph paper!
How small is small? How bout 4" square? I'm not a fan of fan quilts, generally,
but faced with the question "just how small can I make one?" I found myself
enjoying the challenge. I did mention I did this to relax, didn't I? I have an odd
idea of relaxation, sometimes.
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